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How it Works

If you and your veterinarian have identified a problem with your pet that your vet believes would benefit from specialist surgical assessment and treatment they may have discussed Better Veterinary Referrals as the optimal solution.

Better Veterinary Referrals’ surgery service is led by Dr Ralph Webster, a highly experienced, registered Australian specialist in small animal surgery.

Better Veterinary Referrals is a mobile service that allows your pet to remain in the familiar surroundings of your regular veterinary practice. Your beloved pet remains in the care of your regular vet, with whom you and your pet have an established relationship of trust.

Your pet does not have to travel, often significant distances, whilst injured to an unfamiliar and stressful environment. Instead the specialist comes to you!

Your specialist surgeon will work with your primary care vet to explain all the details of the recommended procedures and answer any questions you may have.

On the day, your pet will be admitted to the hospital by the clinic staff. The surgeon will call you immediately after the surgery to let you know your pet is out of theatre and give you an update.

Following surgery your regular veterinarian will manage the post-operative care, with direction from your surgery specialist. 

If there are any concerns at any stage during your pet’s recovery, your regular veterinarian is your first port of call. If needed they will contact your surgeon for advice or to schedule a visit by the specialist to address your concerns.

This collaborative team approach to your pet’s care ensures you receive gold standard care and service throughout the entire process.

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Better Vets ensures the best possible outcome for your pet. There’s no need to travel to a specialist hospital, we will provide specialist service at your trusted veterinary clinic.

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