Orthopaedic Trauma

Orthopaedic trauma covers injuries sustained in a specific traumatic event such as a road traffic accident or fall.

Trauma cases are often challenging to treat as there is always a combination of soft tissue and orthopaedic injury. Other factors associated with the injury such as shock and cardiopulmonary contusion may further complicate the case.

Better Veterinary Referrals can assist with the entirety of the perioperative care including advice on pre-operative stabilization, surgical treatment and post-operative care.

We are able to treat all limb and pelvic fractures as well as all dislocations and ligament/tendon injuries.

We have several advanced orthopaedic systems available, allowing us to tailor our care to the specific case, including locking compression plates, locking reconstruction plates and locking periarticular plates, linear and hybrid external skeletal fixation systems, minimally invasive plate-rod constructs and several ligament replacement options.